Local Planning Applications

Selby District Council Planning Authority notifies the Parish Clerk of all new applications/appeals. The Parish Council is asked to respond with any observations they may have on the application.

Applications will be discussed at a public meeting of the full Parish Council. Before they are discussed at a meeting, an agenda will be displayed on the Parish Council notice board and detailed on the website. The application reference details will be included on the agenda to allow Parish Councillors or members of the public to review the details on the Selby District Council public access planning portal.  You can also click the reference link below to view the details relating to a specific application.

Any observations expressed by the Parish Council will be taken into account by the Planning Authority before a decision is made, providing the points made are relevant to the determination of a planning application.

See the Planning page for more details regarding the Parish Councils involvement in Planning applications. 

Note: The final decision is made by the Selby District Council Planning Authority, not the Parish Council. 

Current planning applications affecting Gateforth

Who: Mr T Ellwood

Where: Melton Cottage, Hillam Road, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LQ

What: Lawful development certificate for existing use of land as residential curtilage

Application Received:  Mon 26 Apr 2021



Who: Mr Paul Graddon

Where: Claire Cottage, Gateforth Hall, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LJ

What: Fell Application for consent to crown lift by 20% and crown thin by 20% to 1no Horse Chestnut tree and 1no Lime tree covered by TPO 17/1980

Application Received: Tue 16 Mar 2021



Who: Ms Heather Lister

Where: Paddock End, Hillam Road, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LQ

What: Fell 1 No Acer Maple (T2) and crown thinning by 20% to 1 No Crimson Acer (T1) covered by TPO 8/1977

Application Received: Tue 16 Mar 2021 

SDC Decision:   GRANTED 


Who: James Thompson

Where: 2 Chancery Court, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9FA

What: Erection of 2 storey side extension

Application Received: Wed 25 Nov 2020  

SDC Decision:   GRANTED 


Who: J. E. Harrison & Son

Where: Park Farm, Church Lane, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LJ

What: Creation of equine livery yard (loose boxes incorporated into existing farm buildings) and a 40 m x 20 m equine exercising arena located close to existing farmyard and associated small horse/pony paddocks (retrospective)

Application Received: Wed 07 Oct 2020  



Who: Mr Longbottom

Where: Keepers Cottage, Landing Road, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LG

What: Change of use of land to caravan and camp site including associated ground works

Application Received: Mon 05 Oct 2020



Who: Mr T Ellwood

Where: Melton Cottage, Hillam Road, Gateforth, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LQ

What: Erection of two 4 bedroom detached dwellings within the garden space

Application Received: Wed 30 Sep 2020

SDC Decision:   REFUSED 


Who: Mr M Wood

Where: Land West Of Pale Lane Gateforth Selby North Yorkshire

What: : Section 73 to vary/remove conditions 1 (commencement), 2 (materials), 4 (agricultural building), 5 (highways), 6 (highways), 7 (highways), 8 (highways), 9 (highways), 10 (floor levels) & 11 (plans) of approved planning application CO/2003/0055 (8/31/40B/PA) Proposed erection of a 4 bedroom farmhouse

Application Received: Tue 08 Sep 2020

SDC Decision:   GRANTED 


Who: P.M and J Cawthrone

Where: Corner Farm, Gateforth New Road, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 9LF

What: : Erection of two storey extension to attached annexe (known as Corner farm Cottage) following demolition of existing single storey section of annexe

Application Received: Mon 17 Aug 2020

SDC Decision:   GRANTED 

Commenting on a planning application

Both the Parish Council and the public can make comments on planning applications in the following ways:

Note: The planning application details, outlined above, are managed externally from the Gateforth Parish Council website and may be updated at any time.