Selby District Council Local Plan

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In January 2020, Selby District Council began consultation on a new Local Plan that would be used to shape the long-term future of Selby District up to 2040.  Although Gateforth is not directly impacted by this plan, we would encourage everyone to take the time to review the proposals.  Local areas, such as Burn and Thorpe Willoughby are impacted by planning proposals.


Selby District Council is now holding a six week consultation between 29 January and 12 March 2021 for the Preferred Options Local Plan 2021.


The Plan is a vision and framework for future growth of the Selby district, identifying where new housing, employment and other development could take place. It also sets out the policies we'll use to decide planning applications.


The consultation document sets out Selby District Council's preferred approach to development growth in the District up to 2040. The document sets out the current preferred spatial approach in terms of where development will be focused and the draft policies which will be used to determine planning applications. It is important to note that this is not the final stage of the plan as we are continuing to complete a number of key pieces of evidence, which may influence the final version of the plan. However, it provides an indication of our preferred approach at this stage.


The Preferred Options Local Plan 2021 document is available to view online at the Council's Consultation Portal.

Alternatively you can view the document as a PDF: Preferred Options Local Plan 2021