Self Guided Walks

We've compiled a guide to some local walks in and around the Gateforth Parish. There are currently 10 different walks to choose from, of varying distances. 

  Walking Route Distance 
Gateforth figure of 8 2 miles 
Hambleton Loop 3 miles 
~ Paperhouse Bridge Loop 3 miles 
Burton Hall Bridge Loop  4 miles 
~ Gateforth Woods  2 miles 
~ Birkin Tea Rooms  4.5 miles 
~ Brayton Barff  5 miles 
~ Burn Loop 5.5 miles 
~ West Haddlesey Loop   5 miles

Please note, as most of the walking routes cross farmland/dirt tracks, they are unsuitable for wheelchair use. However, the routes following Landing Lane are wheelchair accessible until the fork to the Canal/Paperhouse Bridge (by the metal farm gates).

If you're walking with your dog, please keep them under control when near other animals.  Also, remember to pick up any dog waste and dispose of in one of the Dog Bins provided or any of the bins on the village green. 

Click the image below to view the available walks.