Village Green Information

Village green

The Village Green is a major feature of Gateforth and gives the village much of its character. The land is owned by the Parish Council having been gifted by the City of Leeds in 1954. It is a designated Village Green which places significant restrictions on "development" and gives local people rights for recreation and access.

A plan of the Green can be downloaded here.

The Parish Council also own a strip of land between Holly Cottage and Manor Farm. The Green is managed by the Parish Council as landowner and Green manager. This includes grass cutting, tree management, and providing features which support the recreational use of the Green such as seats and litter bins. The Council is keen to protect the Green so it remains an attractive feature and amenity for the local community.

Use of the Green

There is a variety of legislation that apply to Village Greens some of which dates back to Victorian times. Key features include:

Local people:

  • can freely use Greens for their local enjoyment
  • must act within the law and can't cause any damage to Greens.
  • don't have to pay to use local Greens, though a donation can be requested

It is illegal for users of town and village greens to:

  • lay manure, soil, ashes or rubbish
  • interrupt others’ use or enjoyment of the green
  • fence in a green
  • put up any structure
  • disturb the soil of the green, eg by putting up a tent
  • extend the boundary of their property on to the green
  • take animals on to the green who may cause damage

Village green at Christmas

Sunset over the village phonebox

Driving or parking on a green

The owner of the green may only drive, or permit other people to drive, on the green if it won’t:

  • harm the green in any way
  • interrupt the public’s enjoyment

There are a number of tracks that cross the Green which give a variety of rights of access.

Parking is only permitted when it is associated with the enjoyment of the Green - for example to walk a dog or attend an event. This means that residential or overnight parking is not legal.

Taking legal action

Criminal or civil proceedings can be brought by the Parish Council as Green owner and manager, and by local people.

Carrying out works on a green

Works which could damage the green or interrupt its use as a place for exercise and enjoyment are not permitted. No special permission is required if the planned works are to improve the green for visitors’ enjoyment.

Please contact the Clerk on if you have any queries regarding the use of the Green.